Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Choux Pastry

Choux Pastry (well... cream puff actually) has intrigued me for so long.... The first time I looked at someone making it was 25years ago, during a tea party at our high school counselor's house. My sisters always told me, " senang aja, macam belajar dalam kelas SRT" (it's easy, like how we learned in SRT). Hey... I didn't take SRT, it was not even in the syllabus in mrsm;  and i've never seen my sis made them either.
So.... I attended a pastry workshop last week by Chef Alan Ooi. Here's the pic of my creation :0

After 2 failed attempts at home (the ones we made at the workshop were okay), I tried again and decided to take some photos, and this time I used the mixer instead of using my hand muscles to beat the sticky dough. The detailed instruction with (much better) photos can be found at Delia Online

The paste after being mixed, using K beater

Choux paste pipings

Voila! Choux Pastry

If I'm going to make these again, I'll bake it longer to brown it, and slit the chouxs to let the steam out after baking. Looking at how Yna popped these little munchkins into her mouth (after being piped with whip cream+custard filling), I know I'll be making some more very soon. Here's the recipe I used, using easy to remember numbers
50g butter
100g water
50g flour
1tsp sugar
2 eggs (100g)
Bake at 175C for half an hour