Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Engagement Cupcakes

The simple design for these purple themed cupcakes was made based on a picture sent by Fara Nissa. Our communication was only done thru emails, I only realized that I didn't have her phone number only an hour before Fara's requested delivery time. Luckily her house was quite easy to find....

This set was requested by my neighbor Farah for her friends, in pink and maroon theme. Had to make do with the 8"X8" which was a little small since the only shop that sell the 16-holes cupcake box was closed for the holidays. The couple came over two days earlier to have their pics printed on icing sheet, I completed the editing and printing in just half an hour, with a little additional charge for their urgent request. Thanks Yati, Wani & Shukri.

P/S To my customers, sorry for the long silence and missing pics/entries of some of your orders. I was in a hurry completing them before leaving for our routine end of the year holidays :)   ....this time was to kampung Kay Ell. Also, Yna has started going to the 'real' school (that's what she calls it) i.e. primary school.
Happy New Year !!!