Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Aurora

Satisfied with the last Thomas n Friends themed cake, Hanani ordered another chocolate cake, this time for her niece's birthday in Gerik. Glad that my choice for the pink background was right, it's Uzma's favorite color. The only Disney Princess my daughter Yna likes is also Aurora, simply because she's the one princess that always wears pink.
Thanks Hanani, and sorry for arriving late;  I was heading to our previous pickup point before I called you :0

My solution to make the white courverture ganache filling taste a little more like chocolate, add pure cocoa butter (the one with slightly yellowish color, the cheaper very white ones are made of and taste like sugar and shortening) I read that white chocolate is not considered chocolate by US FDA since it has no chocolate liqueur or cocoa solids. And btw... chocolate liqueur is halal (i.e. without alcohol), refer here