Monday, January 18, 2010

Thomas & Friends Cake

I've been wanting to make a train themed cake for quite some time, thus was really excited when I received an order for Thomas & Friends cake from Hanani. Nani even willing to come all the way from Penang island to pick up her order, thanks Nani.

Her order was for a chocolate cake with fudge filling, but I thought I would be too unappealing for little Thaqif, so I added a white chocolate whip cream layer too. Looking at how Yna just scrape all the leftover from the mixing bowl into her mouth I just hope that Thaqif would like it too.

Anyway... i'm still searching for a better tasting white choc, the couverture I have tasted more like condensed milk than chocolate :(


xoxo said...

salam... I've been looking for Thomas & Friends cake for my son's birthday.. yours looks delicious.. make I know how much does that cost? I am currently in KL but I'll held my son birthday in Penang soon..