Friday, January 29, 2010

The Color Turquoise

To me turquoise simply means a color when you can't really say if it's green or blue; and is created by mixing sky blue and leaf green icing colors.
Various shades of turquoise is explained at Wikipedia and interesting fact of the mineral can be found at Sleeping Beauty Turquoise announced that turquoise is the Color of the Year for 2010. It's only January, and I already did 2 cakes with turquoise theme, well...  they might be right.

Order from Mas for her friends at the bank. I like these colorful cupcake boxes, but... they are a little too expensive, and the guy at the shop said it's their last pack. I only realized that the "z" alphabet looks more like an "x" in Kunstler Script font after I've printed all the edible images!  Sorry Mas, and thanks for ordering

This is the cake I decorated during wedding cake decorating class at PGCakecraft. It served as a practice for me before making my first wedding cake for a customer who is brave enough to order hers from me :0 Thanks Zareena for sharing with us your knowledge from the expensive Wilton & Squires Kitchen classes you attended at ICCA
P/S We didn't have enough time to complete the flower arrangement :)