Monday, January 18, 2010

Cupcakes and Roses

Ordered by Ja all the way from Langkawi.Cupcakes with five red roses and a white rose (only Ja knows what the roses mean). This is the first time I received a delivery request to an address without any Taman, Apt or Jalan prefix to it :) 
Finding the house wasn't that difficult since I've been there a few times visiting a friend (she still has the strength to drive every week to KL to work, I've given up all the traveling since the past 2++ years). With a little guide from Ja over the phone and asking a makcik to point me Najmi's house, I arrived at brightly painted house that sits on a carpet of lush green grass. It was a beautiful sight indeed, a lot different from my mom and mil's house where grass is treated the same as weed, so what's left was just sand and gravels. Me, I'm glad I managed to save my little plot of grass in front of the house from being covered with cement and tiles by the renovation contractor (at hubby's instruction) a few years back.
I learnt a good lesson too delivering this order, when in kampung don't ask where is this and that house number, over here everyone knows each other by name. And.... spare some time to sit down and chat with the makciks  :0
Thanks Ja....


Aloya said...

sis..,thanks so much..
dia suka sis pnya cupcake..
t ja nk oder lg ngan sis..

Anna @ Bakeryna said...

Ja, thanks so much for ordering :)
seronok sembang dgn tok dia masa hantar cupcake hari tu